The Rest of Our Pack

When Winnie joined our home, he was welcomed by the rest of our rescue gang.  Rescue doggies are all so special, some just have a few more “special needs” than others.  Meet the rest of our rescue gang below!


Maxwell was our first rescue doggie.  A feisty Chihuahua-Maltese mix with personality-plus!  Ruler of the household which earned him his all-too-fitting title… KING MAX.  Favorite pastimes:   guarding the house from all visitors and even the slightest of noises, barking (a lot!), and just being KING.


Ray Charles

Ray Charles was rescue #2 for us but our first with special needs.  A Shih Tzu-Maltese mix rescued from a puppy mill where all the pups got into rat poisoning, sweet Ray-Ray was the only pup to go completely blind.  This bundle of energy has never let his lack of sight slow him down!  Favorite pastimes:  eating, sleeping, and being a bit of a bully to sweet Gypsy (who is at least four times his size!).



Gypsy was rescue #3… straight outta the pound she came, and she never looked back! A mix of… who-knows?!?  A couple of weeks after we rescued her, she required emergency life-saving stomach surgery.   She is now a healthy and extremely energetic puppy who adores Max but is terrified of Ray-Ray!  Favorite pastimes:  following Max everywhere, playing ball and frisbee, and chasing birds.



Remington (aka Remi) joined our home in December 2020.  This spunky toy poodle puppy was born blind, but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t know that!  His buddy is King Max, and favorite pastimes include hopping super high, playing chase with Gypsy, and staying glued to his new doggie-mama.



Last but not least, rounding out our rescue group is Patches, the sweet doggie of two of our founding board members.  Patches is a Pomeranian who was born with no knee caps and one broken leg which had never been properly set.  She has a funny little gait but doesn’t let that slow her down! Favorite pastimes:  licking faces, fingers, and toes, traveling, and spinning in circles for treats.

Patches - Big Lake, LA